latest version: 2.1.21 NetSpy:
Do not trust your services. Test them.

NetSpy is a system for real-time testing of TCP/IP protocols.

Most of the software is written in pure C. The lexical parser uses Flex and Bison, there are a few gperf files (perfect hash). NetSpy is known to compile and run under Linux 2.4 and OpenBSD 3.2. Older versions were known to work under Linux 2.0, Linux 2.2, BSDI, Solaris and FreeBSD. Any POSIX system should do, even Windows with CygWin, although this has not been tested. :)

The greatest obstacle is the lack of human resources. Another problem is that documentation is currently only available in Czech (over 100 pages printed), so active development must start by translating it into English and I do not expect many people to join the project until this is done.

The software has following features:

The code links against following libraries: libgmp (any version), libadns, libsasl, (optional), OpenSSL (optional), libmysql.

Following other software is used: MySQL, PHP (optional)

The goal is to make MySQL use optional.

Development requires: Automake, Autoconf 2.5, Libtool, gperf.

The work has been going on for some time already, but has not been published yet. It is now hosted at SourceForge.